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Thesis-writing program shares joy of scientific research


Posted November 5, 2020



Masks Work. Really. We'll Show You How.


Posted November 2, 2020

Nose Dive


Building a Personal Smell Museum of Los Angeles

Science writer Harold McGee calls our sense of smell "the bridge between our experience of foods and our experience of the larger world."

Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World's Smells
Now Available


Posted October 20, 2020

Nobel Prize




This Year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry Honors a Revolution

The chemistry prize announcement from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Video: How CRISPR-Cas9 works



Posted October 9, 2020

Oliver Sacks Documentary





Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

"Renowned neurologist and literary giant Oliver Sacks is posthumously celebrated in this profound, highly engaging, deeply personal memoir."

This documentary film will be available in virtual cinema on September 23, 2020.

A New York Times article about the film:
‘Oliver Sacks: His Own Life’ Review: All Was Not Well With the Doctor


Posted September 22, 2020


New technology to convert cow manure into clean water in Dane County


Posted September 16, 2020

Public Face of Science in America

The Public Face of Science in America: Priorities for the Future

A report from The Public Face of Science Initiative, American Academy of Arts & Sciences


Posted August 25, 2020


Overlooked No More: Eunice Foote, Climate Scientist Lost to History


Posted April 24, 2020


How ‘Fast Carbs’ May Undermine Your Health


Posted April 20, 2020


Solving the mystery of a medieval blue hue


Posted April 20, 2020

John H Conway

John Horton Conway, a "Magical Genius" in Math, Dies at 82


Posted April 17, 2020


Seven Important Things to Know About Coronaviruses


Posted March 23, 2020


How to Clean Your Home for Coronavirus


Posted March 19, 2020

frozen lake

Ice watcher: climatologist carries on 165-year tradition on Madison lakes


Posted March 19, 2020


The earliest spring equinox in 124 years arrives Thursday night


Posted March 19, 2020

hand washing

Why Soap Works


Posted March 16, 2020


Pi Day: How One Irrational Number Made Us Modern


Posted March 16, 2020

You Can Try Miss America’s Science Experiment at Home


Posted February 6, 2020


From scientist to salesman

How Bennet Omalu, doctor of ‘Concussion’ fame, built a career on distorted science

Posted January 29, 2020

The State of Science and Engineering 2020


The State of U.S. Science and Engineering 2020

Indicators provides information on the state of the U.S. science and engineering (S&E) enterprise over time and within a global context. Indicators is a factual and policy-neutral source of high-quality U.S. and international data; it does not offer policy options or make policy recommendations. The indicators presented in the report are quantitative representations relevant to the scope, quality, and vitality of the S&E enterprise.


Posted January 17, 2020

50th anniversary

Chemistry Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri Is Making Science Fun for the Holidays


Posted January 6, 2020




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