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Ceci Vollbrecht

Ceci Vollbrecht

Ceci Vollbrecht chose to study chemistry because to her, it brings many different fields together, interweaving physics, biology, and math. After growing up in Vienna, Virginia, she earned her undergraduate degree at Centre College in Kentucky. Here at UW-Madison, she is part of the Goldsmith research group, studying single-molecule spectroscopy. She participated in science outreach programs beginning in high school, and found it satisfying. She wanted to continue sharing science with the public once she came to Madison, and that led her to Prof. Shakhashiri and WISL. She will complete her PhD thesis in 2023, and has accepted a teaching position at Kalamazoo College that will begin in the fall.

In her spare time Ceci enjoys anything that gets her outside, including playing sports, hiking, and spending time at the barn with her horse Lolli.

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