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Katherine Parrish

Katherine Parrish

Katherine has been interested in science as long as she can remember. Her curiosity about how the natural world works led to questions, which she brought to her father. During her childhood and early adulthood in in New York City and Western Massachusetts, they discussed many scientific concepts and she was always eager to learn.

After attending Grinnell College, Katherine came to UW-Madison for graduate school. She works in the Goldsmith research group on optical materials for single-molecule applications. She joined Science is Fun because she's committed to making science more applicable and accessible to all. Outreach and community engagement have been part of her life for a long time, and she especially enjoys getting to work with children, helping them learn the concepts that were exciting to her when she was their age. Her greatest passion is science communication, and she wants to continue developing her research and teaching skills in a post-doctoral position before eventually becoming a professor.

In her spare time, Katherine likes to play cello, bake with her roommates, and walk her dog all over Madison.


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