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WISL Intern

Allwin McDonald

Allwin grew up in small town South Dakota and attended Ripon College for his undergraduate studies. He enjoyed science throughout high school but his passion for it didn't develop until he worked as an undergraduate lab TA and tutor. Sharing the intricacies of science with others is what he's most interested in, and is excited to work with the Shakhashiri Group to reach a wider and more diverse group of students also interested in science!

Allwin is part of the Buller Lab, and his current PhD research involves engineering enzymes to more efficiently transform common molecules into new compounds with potential therapeutic value. He aims to become a professor/instructor of biochemistry.

In his free time, Allwin likes to bake, run, and rock climb to stave off stress. When the weather is nice, you might spot him out on the lake on a sailboat.

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