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WISL Undergraduate Intern

Anna Husman

Anna Husman joined WISL in the Spring of 2018, after taking Chemistry 350: Communicating Science to the Public via Demonstrations with Prof. Shakhashiri. She came to Madison from Cotter High School in Winona, MN, and was excited by the wide range of people, classes, and and opportunities that UW offers. She is currently finishing her Chemistry studies, and upon graduation hopes to enter UW's Masters Program for Secondary Science Education. It was her desire to be a teacher that first led her to take Prof. Shakhashiri's course. A friend recommended it, saying the course was an opportunity to learn from a master teacher. Anna's favorite part about working with WISL is taking science out of the classroom into other public venues, where she can engage with people on many different levels, all the while sharing her excitement for science. 

In her spare time, Anna enjoys ice skating (she's a former hockey player) and hip-hop dancing.

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