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Levi Hogan

Levi Hogan

Levi Hogan first became familiar with Professor Shakhashiri and his Chemical Demonstrations books in high school, where he began doing science outreach. He continued this public engagment work through his undergraduate years at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Levi grew up in Olathe, Kansas, and was invigorated by science at a young age, where his study of chemistry was catalyzed by high school science teachers Rhonda Reist, Amy Clement, and Greg Kifer. When he came to Wisconsin for graduate school, he knew he wanted to get involved with Bassam’s programs.

Levi worked in the Goldsmith Group, developing new instrumentation for studying single molecules. They design and apply nanophotonic devices called "optical microresonators" for sensing exceptionally small temperature changes. This has potential impacts in renewable energy, drug development, and a variety of other disciplines. Levi is also passionate about teaching others science, developing scientific literacy and appreciation at large, and contributing to the development of scientifically-informed public policies. After competing his PhD in late 2022, he took a position as a Senior Scientist at PPD (part of Thermo Fisher) in Middleton, WI, where he works as a Technical Project Manager.

In his spare time, Levi enjoys gardening, cooking, trying new beers, running, playing clarinet, listening to music, reading science fiction/fantasy, playing board games, and camping.


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