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WISL Research Intern

Kim Asseily


Kim grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and recently graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Environmental Studies, and a Certificate in Digital Studies. She realized at a young age that she enjoyed science, and her interest the environment and sustainable development grew from there. Kim is interested in all aspects of the environment: social, economic, agricultural, and ecological.

Kim joined Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri because she was never told that science should be fun when she was in school, and now hopes to spread the word. “Science was always a field to be in because it is a career,” Kim says. “Showing both children and adults that science is fun, and should be fun, and that all fields are related and explain phenomena in our day-to-day lives is cool!”

As a research intern with Prof. Shakhashiri, Kim is working on climate change research to raise awareness on the state of our planet and how to address climate change on an individual basis. After leaving UW she would like to do environmental consulting and eventually go to law school to study environmental law.

In her spare time, Kim loves to get outside, play sports, listen to podcasts, and read.

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