The Social Contract

“Science and society have what is 
essentially a social contract
that enables great intellectual achievements
but comes with mutual expectations
of benefiting the human condition
and protecting our planet.”

Technical Training is Not Enough

“We must assure that
the next generation of scientists
is both highly skilled technically
and properly educated to carry on
their scientific and educational work
for the common good of society.”

“In a free and civil society
people must be virtuous
as well as technically skilled.”

Bassam Z. Shakhashiri

We Have Cutting-Edge Science to Make Vaccines, but Will Everyone Benefit?

The New York Times

Grand Challenges
to Society and to Scientists

Help sustain Earth and its people in the face of:

• Climate Change

• Population Growth

• Finite Resources

• Malnutrition

• Spreading Disease

• Deadly Violence

• War

• Denial of Basic Human Rights, especially the right to benefit from scientific and technological progress