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Daniel S. Greenberg


I knew of Dan Greenberg, while in graduate school, from Science Magazine and from reading his 1967 book. We met in person much later. He wrote as a political scientist and as a journalist. He was open, responsible, accurate, harsh, and witty. Although not everyone would agree, in his own peculiar way, Dan was one of the strongest advocates for science. Dan's critique helped shape my thinking about science policy. I took his views and stand as a challenge. I wanted to help improve connecting science and society.

More—much more—than anyone outside science and government, Dan was of most help while I served (1984-1990) as NSF assistant director for science and engineering education. All behind the scenes. Dan was a good man.

~ Prof. Shakhashiri, 3/24/2020

Daniel Greenberg


Daniel S. Greenberg, Science Journalist and Iconoclast, Dies at 88
~ The New York Times, 3/22/2020

Daniel Greenberg, science journalism pioneer who
shaped Science’s News section, dies at 88

~ Science Magazine, 3/23/2020

Retrospective: Daniel S. Greenberg
Incisive Journalist and Commentator
~ Science Magazine, 4/17/2020