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Dr. Catherine N. Steffel

"Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging Parameters for Evaluation of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque"

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Catherine Steffel







NIH Grant: T32 Training Grant to the Cardiovascular Research Center at UW-Madison (T32 HL007936)

Teaching Assistantships through Department of Human Oncology at UW-Madison

NIH Grant: In-vivo Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging of Carotid Plaque Validated with 3D Reconstructed Histopathology Sections (F31 HL141008)
06/2018-09/2019, 01/2020-09/2020

NIH Grant: Early Detection of Vascular Dysfunction Using Biomarkers from Lagrangian Carotid Strain Imaging (R01 HL147866)

After completing her thesis, Catherine freelanced as a science writer and editor while pursuing full-time institutional science writing positions.

Under the Supervision of Dr. Carol K.C. Mitchell
Dr. Carol K.C. Mitchell