Science is Fun Presentations On

Professor Shakhashiri, WISL staff, and their students share
the joy of science with a variety of audiences.

Communicating Chemistry to the Public via Demonstrations

This series of presentations fosters public awareness and appreciation of science.

At shopping malls, science centers, schools, colleges, and universities, at meetings
of professional scientific and educational societies, and before gatherings of civic, religious,
and community organizations, in the United States and around the world, Professor Shakhashiri and other staff members of the WISL use spectacular demonstrations to communicate
the wonders of science. Glowing liquids, exploding balloons, and other vivid scientific phenomena charm and fascinate audiences everywhere.


Science Exploration Sessions

     WISL staff have given Science is Fun student presentations and exploration sessions
at girl scout meetings, science night events, science fairs, and other business,
civic and community locations.