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November 7, 2016
The Larry Meiller Show

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October 4, 2016
The Larry Meiller Show

A caller asked about fractal geometry. Here are a few good sources of information:

Fractal Geometry from Yale University

Fractal Dimension of Coastlines

What are Fractals?


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June 30, 2016
The Larry Meiller Show

Silent Fireworks? Impossible

A caller asked about silent fireworks. 

Here is what Dr. Rodney Schreiner,
WISL co-director has to say:

"Silent" fireworks are anything but silent. There's no way to have an explosion without noise. What so-called silent, or quiet, fireworks do is eliminate the rockets that explode overhead. Instead, they use sprays or fountains set off on the ground. There are fewer loud bangs that way, but instead the noise is spread out over time. It is not as loud, but certainly not quiet. Also, because of this configuration, these are ground shows, not aerial, so you need to be rather close by to see them. And the closer you are, the louder it is.


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April 25, 2016
The Larry Meiller Show

Upcoming air times for 2015 Chemistry & Society Summer Forum Talks:

Nutrition and Health
A talk by Prof. Emeritus Susan Nitzke
4:01 p.m. on WPT's Wisconsin Channel

Two Arguments for Intelligent Design
A talk by Prof. Elliott Sober
4:15 p.m. on WPT's Wisconsin Channel

More videos in WPT's University Place series can be found here.

UF Scientists identify natural compounds that enhance humans' perception of sweetness

A listener shared these thoughts on Earth Day:

"Mother Earth. As urban or rural as your life gets, fast paced or slow, physical or mundane, whatever part/stage/story. Nothing changes, our Mother is still Mother, and without a relationship we lose touch and mostly respect...for her our neighbors and ourselves. Sometimes it's a good thing to sit back and not only appreciate but give thanks. Gratitude and appreciation come in real experiences and concepts; not international power hungry companies, not packaged mac n cheese, not a business meeting, not evening planting a single flower. Gratitude to our home and in reality our own flesh and blood comes from respect, and respect only comes when a relationship is built and maintained.

Get to know ourselves a little more. We are made up of organic materials and are powered by organic materials and in the end we just contribute to the ongoing beautiful cycle. Food comes from the ground, insects pollinate our fruiting plants, weather good and bad drives seasons, etc. So know your food, know your ecosystem. Just because a record low of the number of people dealing with agriculture is what our majestic society is at doesn't mean that we have to give in. Have relationships with the most basic part of being a biological being. That means care about your food, care about the hands it touches to get you that food, care about the ecosystem where that food lives, care. A relationship isn't really a word, it's a feeling. Feel and care, whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you are, we are all together. Happy Earth Day, Good vibes to all!"

Written by Peace Corp Volunteer Zachary Palma of Washburn, WI


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February 8, 2016
The Larry Meiller Show

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