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The Periodic Table began with Mendeleev and others in the late 1800s.
Today there are hundreds of versions of the periodic table.

Here are a few that we like.

Chemical and Engineering News devoted an entire issue to the periodic table in order to celebrate their 80th anniversary. This periodic table includes 89 essays about the elements by scientists including Professor Shakhashiri for element 82, lead.

C&E News Periodic TableBucky Badger and Element #82

The Periodic Table of Videos from the University of Nottingham
contains a segment for each of the elements.

To kick off the International Year of Chemistry, Lab out Loud spoke with its creators
about their efforts to update each element video.

Lab Out Loud     The Elements

Video still

Periodic Table of Lessons (video)

Knighthood for Professor Poliakoff (video)

10 Years of Periodic Videos (blog post)

British chemistry professor wins Grady-Stack award for science communication
(ACS News)


Theodore Gray's "Most Beautiful Periodic Table in the World"
brings together the best of his collection of thousands of pictures of element samples.

This site also includes lots of information about the elements,
as well as many more pictures of each.

Click here to visit The interactive version of this tableClick for full-sized version

For an interactive version of this periodic table click here.

Periodic Table Of The Elements Turns 150

Prof. Shakhashiri talks to Milwaukee's NPR station, WUWM

150 years ago, periodic table brought order to the chemical universe (UW News)

Setting the Table
A brief visual history of the periodic table from Science Magazine

Ordering the Elements

International Year of the Periodic Table

Science - Society - World - Sustainable Development

Elemental Haiku
By Mary Soon Lee

Periodic Table of Symmetry

A review of the Periodic Table composed of 119 science haiku,
one for each element, plus a closing haiku for element 119 (not yet synthesized).
The haiku encompass astronomy, biology, chemistry, history, physics,
and a bit of whimsical flair.

Periodic Table of Symmetry
By Kei Fuchigami, Matthew Schrandt & Gary L. Miessler of St. Olaf College

Periodic Table of Symmetry

Read the full article from the Journal of Chemical Education

The Periodic Table's Endangered Elements
From Compound Interest

Endangered Elements

Oliver Sacks: My Periodic Table

Periodic Table of Sweeteners

Video still

Periodic Table Clock
(Certified as AMAZING)
View the video on YouTube

Video still


Check out the Chemicool Periodic Table for more information about the elements.

Chemicool Periodic Table

The Elements

A particularly clever Flash animation about the elements
to the tune of Tom Lehrer's Element Song.

The Periodic Table Printmaking Project

The Elements

Ninety-seven printmakers of all experience levels, have joined together to produce 118 prints in any medium; woodcut, linocut, monotype, etching, lithograph, silkscreen, or any combination. The end result is a periodic table of elements intended to promote both science and the arts.

The Elements of Style

The Elements

We stumbled upon this J. Crew Chicago location's window display in August of 2011,
which used an abbreviated form of the periodic table to advertise their "Elements of Style."



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